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 its historical links

visit our DUCEL cast iron fountain

 Tonnelle du Chaudron

 allée Maureau


 Phone: 0692 63 93 87


The arbour

its northen facade

The coconut driveway

Grande Maison du Chaudron

    The large Mansion 

Old Chameleon named "l'endormi" is presenting

The Chameleon family

Coconut line

The vegetable garden

Site officiel du Moulin du Chaudron, Sarl CAPIM Allée Maureau 97490 SAINTE CLOTILDE

Bonjour Madame !

It's an old bicentennial lady with well founded character.

  Her charms will delight you!

She majestically stands since early 19th century.

She served well-known local names such as Charles Desbassyns, FREON, LORY, BELLIER de VILLENTROY, SICRE de FONTBRUNE, descendants of families: PANON, BELLIER, LEGER, and MAUREAU (since 1919)

Like me, she was asleep, forgetting his original vocation, in the tranquility of a wonderful  park.


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