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Windmill for sugar cane and juice extraction


 2012-civil works

6 month of traditional work !

End of 2012

The grinding mechanism  

Around 25 m3 of wood carved by high qualified craftsmen

The Hat !

2014: To me the trade winds !

I don't see them !

Come, I am waiting !

This old gentleman of 1827 was abandoned, forgotten and finally renovated !!


Mr. JB FREON must be turning in his grave !!

Le Moulin du Chaudron

Tower: base diam. :10m,  height:10 m,

top diam. : 7 m     

a new tower !

coucou !  c'est moi l'endormi

(Hello ! its me the asleep)

"L'endormi" means Chameleon

in Creol and asleep in French.

Allée Maureau  97490  SAINTE CLOTILDE

Roof covered with tamarin shingles


Laying the roof on the top of the tower

3 cylinders (3Tons) inside oak frame

********************************************   Experimental wings   *******************************************

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